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Video Surveillance

Powerful Video Security Without the Complexity

Powerful Video Security

Video Surveillance - Cameras

At Alcoser Technology Services, we understand the importance of security for your business. That’s why we offer advanced video surveillance solutions to help you keep your property, assets, and employees safe.

Our state-of-the-art cameras not only provide the level of detail and image quality you need, but they’re also built with intelligent features to help you make sense of what you’re seeing. As a certified implementer of video surveillance solutions, we can design and install a customized system that meets your unique needs and budget.

Welcome to our video surveillance systems website! We are proud to introduce you to our wide range of cutting-edge security solutions that adapt to your unique needs. From basic security camera systems to advanced artificial intelligence solutions, we are committed to providing you with reliable and effective security for your home or business. With years of experience and a team of highly trained security experts, we can help you protect what matters most. Explore our website and discover how we can help you stay safe and secure!

Whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras, high-resolution recording capabilities, or remote access to your video feeds, we have the expertise to deliver a reliable and secure solution. With Alcoser Technology Services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected by the latest in video surveillance technology.

Contact us today to learn more about our video surveillance solutions and how we can help you find the right solution for your business.

Powerful Video Security Without the Complexity

Powerful Video Security Without the Complexity

Experience versatility combined with high-performance in our line of Bullet-Dome cameras enabled with video analytics. Our cameras come equipped with next-generation video analytics to proactively detect critical events and provide you with superior situational awareness of your site. Available as bullet or dome form factors, these flexible cameras can adapt to a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications in the education, commercial, government, retail, and hospitality sectors for optimal protection of people and property. Trust Alcoser as your implementation partner for this powerful video surveillance solution

Alcoser’s Dome cameras provide an exceptional level of protection for indoor spaces with high-resolution images of up to 5 MP, a wide field of view, and efficient bandwidth management in a compact design. This makes it an ideal solution for retail, commercial, hospitality, and general indoor applications that require a small-sized fixed lens camera without compromising interior aesthetics. Alcoser is the trusted provider and installer of these advanced video surveillance cameras.

Our cameras not only provide the level of image detail you need but are also built with the intelligence to help you make sense of what you’re seeing. Find your solution.

See Your Site Clearly Monitor

Your site in high resolution with the fastest image processors and cutting-edge sensors from the Bullet-Dome camera lineup. For areas with high-contrast lighting, the cameras offer sharp images with their robust wide dynamic range. Adaptive IR options let you see clearly in low-light conditions.

Speed Up Investigations with AI-Based Analytics

Respond to critical events faster than ever with next-generation video analytics to enhance object detection and classification, along with unusual activity detection (UAD) to flag atypical events

Efficiently Manage Bandwidth

The Bullet-Dome camera lineup offers significantly improved bandwidth management, allowing you to achieve maximum image quality in all lighting conditions with fewer bandwidth requirements than ever before. Alcoser is your trusted provider and installer for these state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, helping you achieve a safer and more secure environment for your business.

Simplify Security at Scale

Enterprise Security Solutions Customized Around Your Needs

“Our mission is to protect people and property by building systems that safeguard the physical world. ALCOSER security technicians are on the front line of this mission every day, as they help individuals and organizations install and maintain the technology that enables them to manage safer and more efficient buildings.”



Bullet cameras are designed for use in exposed outdoor environments. They are constructed with a robust aluminum unibody that encloses hermetically sealed internal electrical components.

Bullet Series is designed to withstand harsh conditions and its visible form factor helps deter potential threats. These cameras are available with either wide or telephoto lenses

Impeccable detail at distance and in any conditions.

Our IP Bullet Cameras shoot in HD at 1080p (2MP), 4MP (about 2x 1080P), or 4K.  Weatherproof and Great for Outdoors because Bullet Cameras are Easily Mounted to the Side of a Wall


Optimising payments, enhancing sustainability

Built for durability and high-performance, ALCOSER Dome Series delivers enterprise security in a wide range of models for any indoor or outdoor environment.

Dome cameras are unobtrusive, vandal-resistant, and simple to install. The new dome generation has up to twice as much onboard storage and a new dedicated computer vision chipset.

Durable and versatile, built to withstand high-traffic areas

Intelligent Video Security Built to Simplify Investigations

Alcoser Dome offers enterprise-grade security in a range of models for indoor and outdoor use. These hybrid cloud cameras have durable, vandal-resistant designs and can capture images with up to 4K resolution. They are easy to install and require no additional setup, downloads, or configuration.


Features powerful onboard processing to deliver dynamic viewing experiences. Choose from a panoramic view of 180º, a four-way split or an immersive 360º view with digital pan-tilt-zoom. 

Immersive coverage in 360º with digital pan-tilt-zoom.

360° Panoramic Cameras: When you have to see everywhere

n IP Panoramic Camera (Internet Protocol Bullet Camera), is a digital video camera that operates via an IP network. IP cameras are digital and connect via Cat5 (Networking) Cable. ALCOSER IP Panoramic Camera shoots in high definition (HD) at 5 or 12MP (Megapixels).

Camera Wiht Audio

Alcoser offers a wide variety of IP cameras with audio. Those that come complete with an integrated microphone are listed below. Our IP cameras with audio inputs (like speaker wire) for connecting a microphone follow the first group.

4K (8MP) Fixed Wide Angle Lens Turret Dome Camera with Active Deterrence Lights, Speaker and Mic

Cameras with Audio Capabilities

Understanding the use cases for Audio Addresses the legal issues with recording Audio Discovering the different audio options: embedded mics vs audio inputs

Why Alcoser PTZ cameras?

Alcoser's (PTZ) cameras offer an outstanding solution for achieving extensive area coverage and enabling precise zooming in security events, all with a single camera. These innovative devices empower users to view from any angle, capture every detail, and do so instantly, providing complete control over surveillance operations.

Camera PTZ

Alcoser offers a wide variety of IP cameras with audio. Those that come complete with an integrated microphone are listed below. Our IP cameras with audio inputs (like speaker wire) for connecting a microphone follow the first group.

Versatility from Every Angle

Alcoser's PTZ cameras offer extensive area coverage and instant event detection.

Pan and Tilt: Left and right, up and down, with a 360° range
Auto Tracking: Automatically tracks various pre-set object types
Panoramic Images: Achieve panoramic views through TandemVu PTZ image stitching technology

Capture Every Detail in Sight

Alcoser PTZ cameras ensure the capture of every detail within your view.

Close-Up Images: Zoom in from extensive distances for intricate details AI Analysis: Extract object features with precision using advanced AI Smart Linkage: Utilize intelligent connections between multiple TandemVu PTZ camera lenses to track objects and details effectively

Available at Your Service

Alcoser PTZ cameras remain vigilant and deliver exceptional performance 24/7.

Low-Light Imaging: Ensure vivid and intense colors even in low-light conditions Weather Resistance: Operate seamlessly in any climate or environment Live Guard: Provide round-the-clock protection against intruders with light and sound capabilities.

5 MP PTZ PoE IP Camera, Auto Tracking, Pan-Tilt with 18x Optical Zoom, 30x Digital Zoom, 165ft IR Night Vision, Human/Vehicle Detection, Two-Way Audio.

Video Surveillance Camera

We service, support, install, consult, create, design, and develop end to end solutions and we're flexible enough to let you decide which offerings you need.

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your business and increase the security of your facilities?

At Alcoser, we are ready to offer solutions tailored to your needs. Our video surveillance systems, point of sale (POS), IT solutions, merchant services, and cybersecurity solutions are designed to help you operate more effectively and protect your business.

Our highly skilled team can advise you and provide you with the most advanced technological solutions to ensure the safety and success of your business. Whether you need to monitor your facilities, manage your payment transactions, or improve the security of your network, at Alcoser we have the expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Don’t waste any more time and talk to us today to discover how we can help you achieve success in your business. We are ready to work together and find the perfect solution for your needs.


We service, support, install, consult, create, design, and develop end to end solutions and we're flexible enough to let you decide which offerings you need